Parque de patinaje

Because THE CLIENT have the right to know. In Le Môko we believe in doing things uniquely. In Le Môko Apparel we have had one thing clear that the company had to be transparent in all matters. From the very first sketch We create our products with passion for art and fashion through cost transparency, sustainable manufacturing  and innovation. We are not fancy to do what everyone else does and this idea applies to all brand processes. From manufacturing, remote working, awareness, sustainability, logistics, communication, web content, marketing campaigns, message or management of our community and team.

We think it's only fair that THE CLIENT make a purchase with as much information as possible. And to do so, We show our cost breakdown on every product We sell.

We believe that this is the new way to make business. The ONLY way. Because our CLIENTS should have the right to be informed about everything they want to know about the company.