Spray Painting - Tips and Guidelines for Graffiti Art Enthusiasts Graffiti & Street Art I

Published on Widewalls by Bob Lansroth

Most people would probably agree that beginnings are the hardest part of any particular endeavor you may embark upon. Whether it’s writing (if only you could blurt out that first sentence, surely all the rest would follow) or working out (so many plans and calculations, but actually starting to exercise seems like the biggest obstacle) starting from scratch seems like a daunting process. Well, at least when it comes to graffiti spray paint, we can provide some assistance and guidance on how to do it properly even if you’ve never even held a spray can or did any graffiti painting in your life. Do not get intimidated by the insane number of styles or ways to do it, or even by the numerous graffiti spray paint brands available, graffiti is made FOR everyone and should be made BY anyone who shares the passion for this, already legendary, way of creating street art. Who says making graffiti is a young man’s game? Street art knows no age! Nor Gender! If you feel up to do some graffiti painting, and would like to create some tags of your own on the local walls, or simply embellish the urban world around you, go ahead, grab a spray paint, follow these guidelines and soon – you’ll be the next notorious graffiti artist everyone’s talking about!

Know Your History of Graffiti Spray Painting

Before we get to some tutorial information on how to do graffiti, let us go back to the graffiti roots and pay our respect to the veterans, founders and original sprayers who paved the way for the myriad of artists to come in the newer generations. Legendary names like Futura, Basquiat, Haring echo with a divine-like halo around them for a good reason, but that doesn’t necessarily mean no other artist can even come close to that level, one must always take in consideration other factors, like a certain time period and particular cultural and urban surroundings those artists lived in and created their spray paint graffiti. Be sure to check out some pieces by Basquiat available for sale!

Amazingly enough, some of the legendary graffiti artists are still at it, keeping their place at the top of the game of graffiti painting. If we were to bridge the temporal and stylistic gap between the original spray paint writers and the modern street artists of today, many things have changed, but the fundamental principles remain inherent and unchanged. Those are the same ethics every artist, new or seasoned, should base their graffiti work upon. The voicelessness of our society is something we shouldn’t run away from or turn a blind eye to, we simply must find a way to express our feelings and attitudes, and evoke some kind of reaction in the apathetic culture around us. What better way to demonstrate your thoughts and emotions than to put them on a wall in the middle of a public area for everyone to see, experience and, ultimately, think about.