Skateboarding: fashion, style, sport and alternative transportation in times of pandemic.

Updated: Mar 1

When talking about means of transport, the need to discourage cars and promote the use of bicycles and public and mass systems is usually debated, leaving aside in the discussions other no less important and frequently used means among many citizens. This is the case of the skateboard and the skateboard, which are generally associated with urban and street culture, with sports and with unevenness to practice jumps and pirouettes, but it is also a very useful tool for traveling relatively short distances. Skateboarding is a transportation alternative that gradually gains strength. It is increasingly common in many countries for children and adolescents to go to their schools, close to home, in one of them. It is also not unusual to see some office workers in ties on board a skateboard or surfing among the waves of people from the cities on board a skateboard. After school, the children return home on their skateboards. And is that the skate has many advantages, because although its sizes vary, in general it can be loaded easily and does not require much space to store it. And of course, its frequent use brings health benefits. Andrey Ka is a young Parisian who has taken on the task of promoting the use of skateboarding among boys in what he calls Fitnboard, which is a pun on fitness and skateboarding. The idea is for the user to make the most of their skate designed as a tool to do calisthenics, fitness training, crossfit and Pilates routines to improve coordination, endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular capacity. Skateboarding is useful for practicing fitness and skateboarding. “It is a type of exercise that involves skateboarding to carry it out, but it does not imply that you have to know how to ride it. The exercises are of a functional nature, that is, they involve several muscle groups at the same time and apart from having the purpose of exercising yourself ”. Returning to the use of skateboarding as a means of movement, we could continue adding benefits, such as that it is an alternative and non-polluting way that allows you to advance while exercising, just like the bicycle. Which makes it a "fun" tool, as Andrey puts it. Skateboarding is an ecological and fun way to get around. Of course, a skateboard or skateboard does not have the same force or speed as a vehicle, that is why the National Traffic Code of Colombia provides sanctions for pedestrians who move on the road aboard one of them. Bicycle routes are the routes reserved and recommended in Colombia for the exclusive transit of bicycles, skateboards, skates and other means driven by human force; although in many cities with wide and even platforms it is possible to see children and adults pushing themselves aboard them. Of course, for the use and enjoyment of skates as a transport alternative, it is necessary that there be uniformity on the platforms to avoid accidents and understanding that these are public spaces. Skateboarding is in fashion and its use is incorporated into the urban landscape as a means to go to study, work or play sports, but around it there is also a much bigger message, which revolves around a lifestyle. healthy and fun, car free.

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