Flight boards: Powell Peralta's most advanced technology

Updated: Mar 1

Do you remember that video in which they pass over a skateboard and the board does not break?It was launched by the Powell Peralta brand a couple of years ago, to announce its new technology: FLIGHT TMIf you want to refresh your memory, or if you missed it, here you have it:

They are made with Canadian maple, like many others, but in a very different way. They have the fibers reinforced and structured in a very careful way, they inject the best epoxy resin and use the best presses of the mythical factory. The result is boards that are thinner than the normal seven-blade boards, and as soon as you hold them in your hands, you can tell the difference: each tap vibrates throughout the board. And it is that they have much more rebound and snap, which also makes it easy for you to achieve more height in your ollies, and the pop is practically eternal, because according to the brand (and its team of riders) it does not disappear as the board ages. . So to Powell Peralta's amazing designs we now add a technology that makes them several times stronger than normal boards, and that gives you a performance in tricks that we have never seen before. What bitch have they done to the table to be able to ensure all this? You can see them yourself:

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