Born under lockdown in 2020 at Iberian East Coast by the Basque artist Fabrizio de Potestad i Fornari. Mr. Le Môko represents an anti-system attitude to a corporate era. Named after the french film Pépé le Moko and its dandy, iconoclast and outsider character. This sustainable streetwear company is inspired by surfing’s well-known anti-establishment spirit and non conformist skating's grunge-style and driven by its progressive aesthetic and unique approach on deconstructing, experimenting and redefining men’s and women’s wear apparel that include an array of ready-to-wear eco-friendly products such as T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, fine art prints and Tote bags. A brand for the twenties (or thirties) years old who hasn't lost his teenage spirit and appreciates clothing that combines art, music, subculture, fashion, and a inner need to disrupt the stereotypes.


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